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About ELSA

ELSA, The European Law Students' Association, is the world’s largest law students’ association and offers law students and young lawyers the opportunity to get involved and develop their skills. Intercultural relations, training socially competent lawyers, meaningful academic work and practical relevance are the foundation of ELSA.


As a complement to their university education, ELSA offers students the opportunity to take part in academic and practical activities that complement their studies, including international experience and communication, organizing projects and developing soft skills.


By encouraging intensive exchange on the European level, ELSA enables law students from all over Europe to get in touch and get involved together. With 40,000 at more than 250 universities in 41 countries, ELSA takes advantage of its European network.


How does ELSA benefit me?

From their first semester up to the time they enter working life, ELSA offers law students and young lawyers the opportunity to see the big picture, overcome prejudices and act internationally. 

Besides the benefits of ELSA’s Activities for every law student, active participation in ELSA helps you develop your skills in many areas useful for professional life. Organizational skills, project management and teamwork are just a few examples.

Trainers from the professional ELSA International Trainers’ Pool offer valuable training free of cost in areas such as communication, project management, team building, conflict management, motivation and speaking skills. 

ELSA does not recruit or hire students for potential employers. However, active participation in ELSA allows you to come into contact with all kinds of interesting people. 

ELSA is good for you!

Don’t get the wrong idea: ELSAnians bring idealism wherever they go and regularly flaunt it at ELSA meetings and events. But that doesn’t take away from the many possibilities for personal development that ELSA offers you!